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24, abby maitland, action figures, agent doggett, agent mulder, agent scully, andrew-lee potts, ashes to ashes, avril lavigne, back to the future, barry m, being human, bones, booth/brennan, captain jack, castiel, castle, castle/beckett, cats, chloe o'brian, chuck, chuck bartowski, common law, connor temple, connor/abby, criminal minds, csi: ny, danny williams, danny/lindsay, dean winchester, delta goodrem, dexter, doctor/rose, dr carter, dr mac, due south, dum dums, edgar wright, er, franklin and bash, fringe, gene hunt, glee, going to concerts, going to the cinema, green wing, greg sanders, grimm, hannah spearritt, harry potter, harry/hermione, harry/ron/hermione, harvey specter, harvey/mike, haven, hawaii five-0, hellcats, hermione granger, heroes, hilary duff, hufflepuff, internet, jack bauer, jack/chloe, james blunt, jason mraz, john barrowman, john hughes, john mayer, jonathan creek, jonathan ross, jonathan/carla, jonathan/maddy, josh doyle, josh/donna, kelly clarkson, kurt/brian, life on mars, live music dvds, lizzie mcguire, lizzie/gordo, luna lovegood, lynley/havers, mac/caroline, maroon 5, marty deeks, matt cardle, matt willis, mcfly, medium, michael bay, michelle branch, mickey/jackie, mike ross, misfits, movies, mulder/scully, music, nail varnish, nathan/audrey, nathan/kelly, ncis: la, neal/peter, ned/olive, neighbours, new doctor who, nick frost, nine/rose, person of interest, pete/myka, pets, pointless, primeval, pushing daisies, quantum leap, ray barnett, ray/neela, reaper, ron weasley, rose tyler, sam tyler, sam winchester, sam/al, sam/annie, scream franchise, seeley booth, seth cohen, seth/ryan, shaun of the dead, simon pegg, somekind of wonderful, spaced, spencer reid, steve mcgarrett, steve/danny, stiles stilinski, suits, supernatural, tattoos, taylor swift, teen wolf, television, the breakfast club, the vampire diaries, the west wing, the x files, tim/daisy, torchwood, warehouse 13, white collar
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